Our Solution For You To Make Solar Affordable

Our Solution For You To Make Solar Affordable

SURIA work with financial institution to provide the best financing solution for you.

By taking a solar loan, or adding the purchase cost of solar to your property mortage you eliminate the financial hurdle of paying for the solar system compared to lump sump payment. The prohibitively expensive lump sump payment is often a major deterrent for potencial solar customers. Instead you will pay off your solar PV  system over time by making monthly repayments. Solar loans term range from 3 yo 10 years.

The other major benefit of financing is that you can enjoy savings on your electricity bill, immediately but, pay off the purchase over time. By taking out a loan to install solar, your pocket will benefit immediately. 

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Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA)

GITA of 100% Qualifiying Capital Expenditure (QCE) incurred on a green technology project until 31 December 2020.

GITA can be offset against 70% of statutory income in the YA.

Promoted projects include renewable energy, energy efficiency, intergrated waste management, and green building / Data Centre.

Green Income Tax Exemption (GITE)

GITE of 100% of statutory income until YA 2020.

Promoted service related to renewable energy, energy services, service related to green building / Data Centre, green township; electric vehicle and green certification products, equipment and building.

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